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Course Guide for Developing Human Potential - HBD5722

 PSYCHOTHERAPY.NET is a collection of 50 streaming videos of the most talented therapists in session, discussing the nuances of their work, and teaching you how to be a better therapist. These videos reflect titles chosen by the Amberton counseling staff to support their curriculum.  Amberton students do not have full access to the collection.



*These videos must be accessed through the Amberton website and not the open Internet.


1. Go to the Amberton website:


2. Click on “Current Students” in the middle of the page near the top.


3. Click on “Library Collection” below the two-book icon on the right.


4. Click on “” on the bottom right side of the page.


5. At the top of the page you will see “Amberton University”. Beneath you will see “featured streams” purchased by Amberton. You do not have access to the full collection.


6. You may search by approach, by therapeutic issue, by expert, or by population. You can also scroll down the screen to see what streaming videos are available.


7. Each streaming video gives you the length of the video, the therapist, a summary, and the topics addressed in the video.



NOTE:  If you go to the Internet and search for, you will be asked to pay for video usage. Amberton never asks their students to pay for anything. If you get this request, you are not within the Amberton website. Go back to the Amberton site and follow the steps above.