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Course Guide for CSL6720 - Christian Counseling

Library Hours

Library Hours

The Library staff can assist you during the following hours.  


Library Hours during sessions

Librarians are available in person, online, or by telephone for help or questions during the following hours:


Monday - Thursday

1:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Chat help available)



10:00 am - 1:30 pm



8:00 am - 3:00 pm (Chat help available)


The Library is not open on Sunday.


Call the Library for help:                          972-279-6511 ext. 185

Email your questions to the Library:

Electronic Books


Below is just a small sample of the many full-text electronic books available in EBSCO eBook COLLECTION and ProQuest eBook Central, two electronic databases provided for student use. Directions on how to use these two sources follow under “Online Databases”. These books were found using the terms “Christian Counseling”.


ACA Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theories and Interventions

            David Capuzzi and Mark D. Stauffer. American Counseling Association, 2016.(ProQuest Ebook Central)


Christian Practical Wisdom: What It Is, Why It Matters

            Dorothy C. Bass, (et. als.). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmann’s, 2016. (EBSCO eBook Collection)


Counseling Skills for Companioning the Mourner: the Fundamentals of Effective Grief Counseling

            Alan Wolfelt.  Ft. Collins, CO: Compassion Press, 2016.  (EBSCO Ebook Central)


Equally Yoked: a Premarital Counseling Primer for Multiethnic Christian Couples

Matthew R. Akers. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2016. (EBSCO eBook Collection)


Ethics and Decision Making in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Fourth Edition

            Robert Rocco Cottone and Vilia M. Tarvydas. New York: Springer, 2016. (ProQuest Ebook Central)


Forgiveness Therapy: an Empirical Guide for Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope

            Robert D. Enright and Richard D. Fitzgibbons. New York: APA, 2015. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


International Adoption and Clinical Practice

            Susan Gillespie. New York: Springer Publishing, 2015. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Managing Stress in Ministry

            David Frisbie. Kansas City, MO: Beacon Hill Press, 2014. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Moral Injury: Restoring Wounded Souls

            Larry Kent Graham. Nashville, TN: Abington Press, 2017. (EBSCO eBook Collection)


Obsessive-Compulsion Disorder: Pastoral Care for the Road to Change

            Robert M. Collie and Harold G. Koenig. Hoboken, NJ: Taylor & Francis, 2014. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Pre-Marital Counseling: a Guide for Clinicians

            Angela Skurtu.  NY: Routledge, 2016. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Spiritual Accompaniment and Counseling

            Peter Madsen Gubi and Lynette Harbone. London, UK: Jessica Kingsley, 2015. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Spiritual Dimension of Ageing

            Elizabeth MacKinlay. Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley, 2017. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


 Spiritually Oriented for Trauma

            Jamie D. Aten, Christine A. Courtois and Donald F. Walker.   Washington. D. C.: APA, 2015. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope for Your Broken Story

            Linda Dillow. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2016.   (EBSCO Ebook Collection)


Sustaining Persons, Grieving Losses: a Fresh Pastoral Approach for the Challenges of the Dementia Journey

            Dianne Crowther. Eugene, CO: Cascade Books, 2017. (EBSCO Ebook Collection)